DataControl Object Error Codes

The following table lists the RDS.DataControl object error codes. The positive decimal translation of the low two bytes, the negative decimal translation of the full error code, and the hexadecimal values are shown.

RDS.DataControl error codes Number Description
IDS_AsyncPending 4107 -2146824175 0x800A1011 Operation cannot be performed while async operation is pending.
IDS_BadInlineTablegram 4105 -2146824183 0x800A1009 Bad inline tablegram.
IDS_CantConnect 4099 -2146824189 0x800A1003 Cannot connect to server.
IDS_CantCreateObject 4100 -2146824188 0x800A1004 Business object cannot be created.
IDS_CantFindDataspace 4102 -2146824186 0x800A1006 Dataspace property is not valid.
IDS_CantInvokeMethod 4101 -2146824187 0x800A1005 Method cannot be invoked on business object.
IDS_CrossDomainWarning 4112 -2146824170 0x800A1016 This page accesses data on another domain. Do you want to allow this? To avoid this message in Internet Explorer, you can add a secure Web site to your Trusted Sites zone on the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog box.
IDS_InvalidADCClientVersion 4106 -2146824176 0x800A1010 Invalid RDS Client Version — Client is newer than server.
IDS_INVALIDARG 5376 -2147019520 0x80071500 One or more arguments are invalid.
IDS_InvalidBindings 4097 -2146824191 0x800A1001 Error in bindings property.
IDS_InvalidParam 4110 -2146824172 0x800A1014 One or more arguments are invalid.
IDS_NOINTERFACE 5377 -2147019519 0x80071501 No such interface is supported.
IDS_NotReentrant 4111 -2146824171 0x800A1015 Request cannot be executed while the event handler is still processing.
IDS_ObjectNotSafe 4103 -2146824185 0x800A1007 Safety settings on this computer prohibit creation of business object.
IDS_RecordsetNotOpen 4109 -2146824173 0x800A1013 Recordset is not open.
IDS_ResetInvalidField 4108 -2146824174 0x800A1012 Column specified in SortColumn or FilterColumn does not exist.
IDS_RowsetNotUpdateable 4104 -2146824184 0x800A1008 Rowset not updateable.
IDS_UnexpectedError 4351 -2146823937 0x800A10FF Unexpected error.
IDS_UpdatesFailed 4098 -2146824190 0x800A1002 Unable to update database.
IDS_URLMONNotFound 4119 -2146824169 0x800A1017 DataControl URL property requires the system file Urlmon.dll, which cannot be found.

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