Microsoft OLE DB Persistence Provider Overview

The Microsoft OLE DB Persistence Provider enables you to save a Recordset object into a file, and later restore that Recordset object from the file. Schema information, data, and pending changes are preserved.

You can save the Recordset in either the proprietary Advanced Data Table Gram (ADTG) format, or the open Extensible Markup Language (XML) format.

Provider Keyword

To invoke this provider, specify the following keyword and value in the connection string.



The following errors issued by this provider can be detected in your application.

Constant Description
E_BADSTREAM The file opened does not have a valid format (that is, the format is not ADTG or XML).
E_CANTPERSISTROWSET The Recordset object saved has characteristics that prevent it from being stored.


The Microsoft OLE DB Persistence Provider exposes no dynamic properties.

Currently, only parameterized hierarchical Recordset objects cannot be saved.

For more information about persistently storing Recordset objects, see Recordset Persistence.

When a stream is used to open a Recordset, there should be no parameters specified other than the Source parameter of the Open method.