More About Recordset Persistence

The ADO Recordset object supports storing the contents of a Recordset object in a file by using its Save method. The persistently stored file may exist on a local drive, server, or as a URL on a Web site. Later, the file can be restored with either the Open method of the Recordset object or the Execute method of the Connection object.

In addition, the GetString method converts a Recordset object to a form in which the columns and rows are delimited with characters you specify.

To persist a Recordset, begin by converting it to a form that can be stored in a file. Recordset objects can be stored in the proprietary Advanced Data TableGram (ADTG) format or the open Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. ADTG examples are shown in the next section. For more information about XML persistence, see Persisting Records in XML format.

Save any pending changes in the persisted file. Doing this allows you to issue a query that returns a Recordset object, edits the Recordset, saves it and the pending changes, later restores the Recordset, and then updates the data source with the saved pending changes.

For information about persistently storing Stream objects, see Streams and Persistence.

For an example of Recordset persistence, see the XML Recordset Persistence Scenario.


Save a Recordset:

Dim rs as New ADODB.Recordset  
rs.Save "c:\yourFile.adtg", adPersistADTG  

Open a persisted file with Recordset.Open:

Dim rs as New ADODB.Recordset  
rs.Open "c:\yourFile.adtg", "Provider=MSPersist",,,adCmdFile  

Optionally, if the Recordset does not have an active connection, you can accept all the defaults and code the following:

Dim rs as New ADODB.Recordset  
rs.Open "c:\yourFile.adtg"  

Open a persisted file with Connection.Execute:

Dim conn as New ADODB.Connection  
Dim rs as ADODB.Recordset  
conn.Open "Provider=MSPersist"  
Set rs = conn.execute("c:\yourFile.adtg")  

Open a persisted file with RDS.DataControl:

In this case, the Server property is not set.

Dim dc as New RDS.DataControl  
dc.Connection = "Provider=MSPersist"  
dc.SQL = "c:\yourFile.adtg"  

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