ADO Dynamic Properties

Dynamic properties can be added to the Properties collections of the Connection, Command, or Recordset objects. The source for these properties is either a data provider, such as the OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, or a service provider, such as the Microsoft Cursor Service for OLE DB. Refer to the appropriate data provider or service provider documentation for more information about a specific dynamic property.

The ADO Dynamic Property Index provides a cross-reference between the ADO and OLE DB names for each standard OLE DB provider dynamic property.

The following dynamic properties are especially interesting, and are also documented in the sources that were mentioned earlier. Special functionality with ADO is documented in the ADO help topics in the following list.

Optimize Specifies whether an index should be created on this field.
Prompt Specifies whether the OLE DB provider should prompt the user for initialization information.
Reshape Name Specifies a name for the Recordset object.
Resync Command Specifies a user-supplied command string that the Resync method issues to refresh the data in the table named in the Unique Table dynamic property.
Unique Table, Unique Schema, Unique Catalog Unique Table Specifies the name of the base table upon which updates, insertions, and deletions are allowed.

Unique Schema Specifies the schema, or name of the owner of the table.

Unique Catalog Specifies the catalog, or name of the database that contains the table.
Update Resync Specifies whether the UpdateBatch method is followed by an implicit Resync method operation, and if so, the scope of that operation.

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