Specifies which records are affected by an operation.

Constant Value Description
adAffectAll 3 If there is not a Filter applied to the Recordset, affects all records.

If the Filter property is set to a string criteria (such as "Author='Smith'"), then the operation affects visible records in the current chapter.

If the Filter property is set to a member of the FilterGroupEnum or an array of bookmarks, then the operation will affect all rows of the Recordset. Note: adAffectAll is hidden in the Visual Basic Object Browser.
adAffectAllChapters 4 Affects all records in all sibling chapters of the Recordset, including those not visible via any Filter that is currently applied.
adAffectCurrent 1 Affects only the current record.
adAffectGroup 2 Affects only records that satisfy the current Filter property setting. You must set the Filter property to a FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks to use this option.

ADO/WFC Equivalent



Applies To

CancelBatch Method (ADO) Delete Method (ADO Recordset)
Resync Method UpdateBatch Method