Specifies the behavior of the CopyRecord method.

Constant Value Description
adCopyAllowEmulation 4 Indicates that the Source provider attempts to simulate the copy using download and upload operations if this method fails due to Destinationbeing on a different server or is serviced by a different provider than Source. Note that differing provider capabilities may hamper performance or lose data.
adCopyNonRecursive 2 Copies the current directory, but none of its subdirectories, to the destination. The copy operation is not recursive.
adCopyOverWrite 1 Overwrites the file or directory if the Destination points to an existing file or directory.
adCopyUnspecified -1 Default. Performs the default copy operation: The operation fails if the destination file or directory already exists, and the operation copies recursively.

ADO/WFC Equivalent

These constants do not have ADO/WFC equivalents.

Applies To

CopyRecord Method (ADO)