CreateParameter Method (ADO)

Creates a new Parameter object with the specified properties.


Set parameter = command.CreateParameter (Name, Type, Direction, Size, Value)  

Return Value

Returns a Parameter object.


Optional. A String value that contains the name of the Parameter object.

Optional. A DataTypeEnum value that specifies the data type of the Parameter object.

Optional. A ParameterDirectionEnum value that specifies the type of Parameter object.

Optional. A Long value that specifies the maximum length for the parameter value in characters or bytes.

Optional. A Variant that specifies the value for the Parameter object.


Use the CreateParameter method to create a new Parameter object with a specified name, type, direction, size, and value. Any values you pass in the arguments are written to the corresponding Parameter properties.

This method does not automatically append the Parameter object to the Parameters collection of a Command object. This lets you set additional properties whose values ADO will validate when you append the Parameter object to the collection.

If you specify a variable-length data type in the Type argument, you must either pass a Size argument or set the Size property of the Parameter object before appending it to the Parameters collection; otherwise, an error occurs.

If you specify a numeric data type (adNumeric or adDecimal) in the Type argument, then you must also set the NumericScale and Precision properties.

Applies To

Command Object (ADO)

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