Move Method Example (VBScript)

This example uses the Move method to position the record pointer, based on user input.

Use the following example in an Active Server Page (ASP). To view this fully functional example, you must either have the data source AdvWorks.mdb (installed with the SDK) located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\DataAccess\Rds\RDSTest\advworks.mdb or edit the path in the example code to reflect the actual location of this file. This is a Microsoft Access database file.

Use Find to locate the file and place it in the directory you plan to use. Cut and paste the following code to Notepad or another text editor, and save it as MoveVBS.asp. You can view the result in any browser.

Try entering a letter or noninteger to see the error handling work.

<!-- BeginMoveVBS -->  
<%@ Language=VBScript %>  
<%' use this meta tag instead of>  
<!--METADATA TYPE="typelib" uuid="00000205-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4" -->  
<TITLE>ADO Move Methods</TITLE>  
BODY {  
   font-family: "MS SANS SERIF",sans-serif;  
.thead1 {  
   background-color: #008080;   
   font-family: 'Arial Narrow','Arial',sans-serif;   
   font-size: x-small;  
   color: white;  
.tbody {   
   text-align: center;  
   background-color: #f7efde;  
   font-family: 'Arial Narrow','Arial',sans-serif;   
   font-size: x-small;  
<H3>ADO Move Methods</H3>  
<% ' to integrate/test this code replace the   
   ' Data Source value in the Connection string%>  
    ' connection and recordset variables  
    Dim Cnxn, strCnxn  
    Dim rsCustomers, strSQLCustomers  

    ' open connection  
    Set Cnxn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")  
    strCnxn = "Provider='sqloledb';Data Source=" & _  
            Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME") & ";" & _  
            "Integrated Security='SSPI';Initial Catalog='Northwind';"  

    Cnxn.Open strCnxn  

     ' create and open Recordset using object refs  
    Set rsCustomers = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")  
    strSQLCustomers = "Customers"  

    rsCustomers.ActiveConnection = Cnxn  
    rsCustomers.CursorLocation = adUseClient  
    rsCustomers.CursorType = adOpenKeyset  
    rsCustomers.LockType = adLockOptimistic  
    rsCustomers.Source = strSQLCustomers  

    'Check number of user moves this session and increment by entry  
    Session("Clicks") = Session("Clicks") + Request.Form("MoveAmount")  
    Clicks = Session("Clicks")  
    ' Move to last known recordset position plus amount passed   
    rsCustomers.Move CInt(Clicks)  

    'Error Handling  
    If rsCustomers.EOF Then  
        Session("Clicks") = rsCustomers.RecordCount  
        Response.Write "This is the Last Record"  
    ElseIf rsCustomers.BOF Then  
        Session("Clicks") = 1  
        Response.Write "This is the First Record"  
    End If  

    <H3>Current Record Number is <BR>  
    If Session("Clicks") = 0 Then Session("Clicks") = 1  
    Response.Write(Session("Clicks") )%> of <%=rsCustomers.RecordCount%></H3>  


    <!-- BEGIN column header row for Customer Table-->  

    <TR CLASS=thead1>  
       <TD>Company Name</TD>  
       <TD>Contact Name</TD>  
        <% 'display%>  
        <TR CLASS=tbody>  
          <TD> <%= rsCustomers("CompanyName")%> </TD>  
          <TD> <%= rsCustomers("ContactName")%></TD>  
          <TD> <%= rsCustomers("City")%> </TD>  

    <Input Type=Button Name=cmdDown  Value="<  ">  
    <Input Type=Button Name=cmdUp Value=" >">  
    <H5>Click Direction Arrows for Previous or Next Record  
    <BR> <BR>  

    <FORM Method = Post Action="MoveVbs.asp" Name=Form>  
           <TD><Input Type="Button" Name=Move Value="Move Amount "></TD>  
           <TD><Input Type="Text" Size="4" Name="MoveAmount" Value=0></TD>  
    Click Move Amount to use Move Method<br>  
    Enter Number of Records to Move + or - </H5>    </FORM>  

<Script Language = "VBScript">  

Sub Move_OnClick  
   ' Make sure move value entered is an integer  
   If IsNumeric(Document.Form.MoveAmount.Value)Then  
      Document.Form.MoveAmount.Value = CInt(Document.Form.MoveAmount.Value)  
      MsgBox "You Must Enter a Number", ,"ADO-ASP Example"  
      Document.Form.MoveAmount.Value = 0  
   End If  
End Sub  

Sub cmdDown_OnClick  
   Document.Form.MoveAmount.Value = -1  
End Sub  

Sub cmdUp_OnClick  
   Document.Form.MoveAmount.Value = 1  
End Sub  

    ' clean up  
    If rsCustomers.State = adStateOpen then  
    End If  
    If Cnxn.State = adStateOpen then  
    End If  
<!-- EndMoveVBS -->  

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