Optimize Property-Dynamic (ADO)

Specifies whether an index should be created on a field.

Settings and Return Values

Sets or returns a Boolean value that indicates whether an index should be created.


An index can improve the performance of operations that find or sort values in a Recordset. The index is internal to ADO; you cannot explicitly access or use it in your application.

To create an index on a field, set the Optimize property to True. To delete the index, set this property to False.

Optimize is a dynamic property appended to the Field object Properties collection when the CursorLocation property is set to adUseClient.


Dim rs As New Recordset  
Dim fld As Field  
rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient      'Enable index creation  
rs.Fields.Append "Field1", adChar, 35, adFldIsNullable  
Set fld = rs.Fields(0)  
fld.Properties("Optimize") = True    'Create an index  
fld.Properties("Optimize") = False   'Delete an index  

Applies To

Field Object

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