Recordset Object Properties, Methods, and Events


AbsolutePage Property

AbsolutePosition Property

ActiveCommand Property

ActiveConnection Property

BOF, EOF Properties

Bookmark Property

CacheSize Property

CursorLocation Property

CursorType Property

DataMember Property

DataSource Property

EditMode Property

Fields Collection

Filter Property

Index Property

LockType Property

MarshalOptions Property

MaxRecords Property

PageCount Property

PageSize Property

Properties Collection

RecordCount Property

Sort Property

Source Property (ADO Recordset)

State Property

Status Property (ADO Recordset)

StayInSync Property


AddNew Method

Cancel Method

CancelBatch Method

CancelUpdate Method

Clone Method

Close Method

CompareBookmarks Method

Delete Method (ADO Recordset)

Find Method

GetRows Method

GetString Method

Move Method

MoveFirst, MoveLast, MoveNext, and MovePrevious Methods

NextRecordset Method

Open Method (ADO Recordset)

Requery Method

Resync Method

Save Method

Seek Method

Supports Method

Update Method

UpdateBatch Method


EndOfRecordset Event

FetchComplete Event

FetchProgress Event

WillChangeField and FieldChangeComplete Events

WillChangeRecord and RecordChangeComplete Events

WillChangeRecordset and RecordsetChangeComplete Events

WillMove and MoveComplete Events

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