Reshape Name Property-Dynamic (ADO)

Specifies a name for the Recordset object.

Return Values

Returns a String value that is the name of the Recordset.


Names persist for the duration of the connection or until the Recordset is closed.

The Reshape Name property is primarily intended for use with the re-shaping feature of the Microsoft Data Shaping Service for OLE DB service provider. Names must be unique to participate in re-shaping.

This property is read-only, but can be set indirectly when a Recordset is created. For example, if a clause of a Shape command creates a Recordset and gives it an alias name by using the AS keyword, the alias is assigned to the Reshape Name property. If no alias is declared, the Reshape Name property is assigned a unique name generated by the data shaping service. If the alias name is the same as the name of an existing Recordset, neither Recordset can be reshaped until one of them is released. The default behavior can be changed by setting a unique name in the Reshape Name property on the ADO connection to True. Setting this property gives the data shaping service permission to change the user assigned name, if necessary, to ensure uniqueness. For more information about reshaping, see Microsoft Data Shaping Service for OLE DB (ADO Service Provider).

Use the Reshape Name property when you want to refer to a Recordset in a Shape command, or when you do not know the name because it was generated by the Data Shaping Service. In that case, you could generate a SHAPE command by concatenating the command around the string returned by the Reshape Name property.

Reshape Name is a dynamic property appended to the Recordset object's Properties collection when the CursorLocation property is set to adUseClient.

Applies To

Recordset Object (ADO)

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