RowPosition Property (ADO)

Gets or sets an OLE DB RowPosition object from/on an ADORecordsetConstruction object. When you use put_RowPosition to set the RowPosition object, the resulting Recordset object uses the RowPosition object to determine the current row.



HRESULT get_RowPosition([out, retval] IUnknown** ppRowPos);  
HRESULT put_RowPosition([in] IUnknown* pRowPos);  


Pointer to an OLE DB RowPosition object.

An OLE DB RowPosition object.

Return Values

This property method returns the standard HRESULT values, including S_OK and E_FAIL.


When this property is set, if the Rowset object on the RowPosition object is different from the Rowset object on the Recordset object, the former overrides the latter. The same behavior applies to the current Chapter of the RowPosition as well.

Applies To

ADORecordsetConstruction Interface