Source Property (ADO Record)

Indicates the data source or object represented by the Record.

Settings and Return Values

Sets or returns a Variant value that indicates the entity represented by the Record.


The Source property returns the Source argument of the Record object Open method. It can contain an absolute or relative URL string. An absolute URL can be used without setting the ActiveConnection property to directly open the Record object. An implicit Connection object is created in this case.

The Source property can also contain a reference to an already open Recordset, which opens a Record object representing the current row in the Recordset.

The Source property could also contain a reference to a Command object which returns a single row of data from the provider.

If the ActiveConnection property is also set, then the Source property must point to some object that exists within the scope of that connection. For example, in tree-structured namespaces, if the Source property contains an absolute URL, it must point to a node that exists inside the scope of the node identified by the URL in the connection string. If the Source property contains a relative URL, then it is validated within the context set by the ActiveConnection property.

The Source property is read/write while the Record object is closed, and is read-only while the Record object is open.


URLs using the http scheme will automatically invoke the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing. For more information, see Absolute and Relative URLs.

Applies To

Record Object (ADO)

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