UnderlyingValue Property

Indicates the current value of a Field object in the database.

Return Value

Returns a Variant value that indicates the value of the Field.


Use the UnderlyingValue property to return the current field value from the database. The field value in the UnderlyingValue property is the value that is visible to your transaction and may be the result of a recent update by another transaction. This may differ from the OriginalValue property, which reflects the value that was originally returned to the Recordset.

This is similar to using the Resync method, but the UnderlyingValue property returns only the value for a specific field from the current record. This is the same value that the Resync method uses to replace the Value property.

When you use this property with the OriginalValue property, you can resolve conflicts that arise from batch updates.


For Record objects, this property will be empty for fields added before Update is called.

Applies To

Field Object

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