ActiveConnection Property (ADO MD)

Indicates to which ADO Connection object the current cellset or catalog currently belongs.

Settings and Return Values

Sets or returns a Variant that contains a string defining a connection or Connection object. The default is empty.


You can set this property to a valid ADO Connection object or to a valid connection string. When this property is set to a connection string, the provider creates a new Connection object using this definition and opens the connection.

If you use the ActiveConnection argument of the Open method to open a Cellset object, the ActiveConnection property will inherit the value of the argument.

Setting the ActiveConnection property of a Catalog object to Nothing releases the associated data, including data in the CubeDefs collection and any related Dimension, Hierarchy, Level, and Member objects. Closing a Connection object that was used to open a Catalog has the same effect as setting the ActiveConnection property to Nothing.

Changing the default database of the connection referenced by the ActiveConnection property of a Catalog object invalidates the contents of the Catalog.

An error will occur if you attempt to change the ActiveConnection property for an open Cellset object.


In Visual Basic, remember to use the Set keyword when setting the ActiveConnection property to a Connection object. If you omit the Set keyword, you will actually be setting the ActiveConnection property equal to the Connection object's default property, ConnectionString. The code will work; however, you will create an additional connection to the data source, which may have negative performance implications.

When using the MSOLAP data provider, set the data source in a connection string to a server name and set the initial catalog to the name of a catalog from the data source. To connect to a cube file that is disconnected from a server, set the location to the full path to the .CUB file. In either case, set the provider to the provider name. For example, the following string uses the MSOLAP Provider to connect to a catalog named Bobs Video Store on a server named Servername:

"Data Source=Servername;Initial Catalog=Bobs Video Store;Provider=msolap"  

The following string connects to a local cube file at the location C:\MSDASDK\samples\oledb\olap\data\bobsvid.cub:


Applies To

Catalog Object (ADO MD) Cellset Object (ADO MD)

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