ADO MD Objects

Axis Represents a positional or filter axis of a cellset, containing selected members of one or more dimensions.
Catalog Contains multidimensional schema information (that is, cubes and underlying dimensions, hierarchies, levels, and members) specific to a multidimensional data provider (MDP).
Cell Represents the data at the intersection of axis coordinates, contained in a cellset.
Cellset Represents the results of a multidimensional query. It is a collection of cells selected from cubes or other cellsets.
CubeDef Represents a cube from a multidimensional schema, containing a set of related dimensions.
Dimension Represents one of the dimensions of a multidimensional cube, containing one or more hierarchies of members.
Hierarchy Represents one way in which the members of a dimension can be aggregated or "rolled up." A dimension can be aggregated along one or more hierarchies.
Level Contains a set of members, each of which has the same rank within a hierarchy.
Member Represents a member of a level in a cube, the children of a member of a level, or a member of a position along an axis of a cellset.
Position Represents a set of one or more members of different dimensions that defines a point along an axis.

Also, the Catalog object is connected to an ADO Connection object, which is included with the standard ADO library:

Object Description
Connection Represents an open connection to a data source.

The relationships between these objects are illustrated in the ADO MD Object Model.

Many ADO MD objects can be contained in a corresponding collection. For example, a CubeDef object can be contained in a CubeDefs collection of a Catalog. For more information, see ADO MD Collections.

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