ChildCount Property (ADO MD)

Indicates the number of members for which the current Member object is the parent in a hierarchy.

Return Values

Returns a Long integer and is read-only.


Use the ChildCount property to return an estimate of how many children a Member has. The actual children of a Member can be returned by the Children property.

For Member objects from a Position object, the maximum number returned is 65536. If the actual number of children exceeds 65536, the value returned will still be 65536. Therefore, the application should interpret a ChildCount of 65536 as equal to or greater than 65536 children.

For Member objects from a Level object, use the ADO collection Count property on the Children collection to determine the exact number of children. Determining the exact number of children may be slow if the number of children in the collection is large.

Applies To

Member Object (ADO MD)

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