Append Method (ADOX Procedures)

Adds a new Procedure object to the Procedures collection.


Procedures.Append Name, Command  


A String value that specifies the name of the procedure to create and append.

An ADO Command object that represents the procedure to create and append.


Creates a new procedure in the data source with the name and attributes specified in the Command object.

If the command text that the user specifies represents a view rather than a procedure, the behavior is dependent upon the provider being used. Append will fail if the provider does not support persisting commands.


When using the OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Jet, the Procedures collection Append method will allow you to specify a View rather than a Procedure in the Command parameter. The View will be added to the data source and will be added to the Procedures collection. After the Append, if the Procedures and Views collections are refreshed, the View will no longer be in the Procedures collection and will appear in the Views collection.

Applies To

Procedures Collection (ADOX)

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