Name Property (ADOX)

Indicates the name of the object.

Settings and Return Values

Sets or returns a String value.


Names do not have to be unique within a collection.

The Name property is read/write on Column, Group, Key, Index, Table, and User objects. The Name property is read-only on Catalog, Procedure, and View objects.

For read/write objects (Column, Group, Key, Index, Table and User objects), the default value is an empty string ("").


For keys, this property is read-only on Key objects already appended to a collection. For tables, this property is read-only for Table objects already appended to a collection.

Applies To

Column Object (ADOX) Group Object (ADOX) Index Object (ADOX)
Key Object (ADOX) Procedure Object (ADOX) Property Object (ADO)
Table Object (ADOX) User Object (ADOX) View Object (ADOX)

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