AMO Classes - Introduction

APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server Analysis ServicesnoAzure Analysis Services

Analysis Management Objects (AMO) is a library of classes designed to manage an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services from a client application. AMO classes are classes that you will use to administer Analysis Services objects such as databases, dimensions, cubes, mining structures and models, roles and permissions, exceptions, and others

The following illustration shows the relationship of the classes that are explained in this topic.

Classes reviewed in AMO conceptual topics

The AMO library can be thought of as logically-related groups of objects that are used to accomplish a specific task. AMO classes can be categorized in the following way. This section includes the following topics:

Topic Description
AMO Fundamental Classes Describes classes that are required in order to work with any other set of classes.
AMO OLAP Classes Describes classes that let you manage the OLAP objects in Analysis Services.
AMO Data Mining Classes Describes classes that let you manage the data mining objects in Analysis Services.
AMO Security Classes Describes classes that let you control access to other objects and maintain security.
AMO Other Classes and Methods Describes classes and methods that help OLAP or Data Mining administrators to complete their daily tasks.

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