Programming Administrative Tasks with AMO

APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server Analysis ServicesnoAzure Analysis Services

Analysis Management Objects (AMO) is a programming library used from client applications to manage Analysis Services. In this section, you will learn to how to program using the AMO objects.

The AMO library can be thought of as logically related groups of objects that are used to accomplish a specific task.

This section includes the following topics:

Chapter Contents
Programming AMO Fundamental Objects Describes how to program the Server, Database, DataSource, and DataSourceView objects. Also included here is AMOException.
Programming AMO OLAP Basic Objects Describes how to program the Dimension, Cube, MeasureGroup, Partition, and Aggregation objects.
Programming AMO OLAP Advanced Objects Describes how to program the Action, KPI, Perspective, ProactiveCaching, and Translation objects.
Programming AMO Data Mining Objects Describes how to program the MiningStructure and MiningModel objects.
Programming AMO Security Objects Describes how to program the Roles, Members, and Permissions objects.
Programming AMO Complementary Classes and Methods Describes how to program the Assembly object, Backup and Restore methods, Trace class, and also the CaptureLog class and CaptureXML attribute.

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