Lesson 3: Rename Columns

In this lesson, you will rename many of the columns in each table you imported. Renaming makes columns more identifiable and easier to navigate in both the model designer as well by users selecting fields in a client application. To learn more, see Rename a Table or Column (SSAS Tabular).


Renaming columns is not necessary to complete this tutorial; however, remaining lessons, in particular those that include creating relationships and creating calculated columns and measures using DAX formulas, refer to the column friendly names described in this lesson. If you choose not to rename columns, you will have to edit the DAX formulas in lessons 5, 6, and 7 to use the original source column names provided in this lesson.

Estimated time to complete this lesson: 20 minutes


This topic is part of a tabular modeling tutorial, which should be completed in order. Before performing the tasks in this lesson, you should have completed the previous lesson: Lesson 2: Add Data.

Rename Columns

To rename columns

  1. In the model designer, click the Customer table (tab).

    When you click a tab, that table becomes active in the model designer window.

  2. Double click the CustomerKey column name, then type Customer Id, and then press ENTER.


    You can also rename a column in the Column Name property in the column's Properties window, or in Diagram View.

  3. Rename the remaining columns in the Customer table, as well as the columns in the remaining tables, replacing the source name with the friendly name:

    Customer Table

    Source Name Friendly Name
    GeographyKey Geography Id
    CustomerAlternateKey Customer Alternate Id
    FirstName First Name
    MiddleName Middle Name
    LastName Last Name
    NameStyle Name Style
    BirthDate Birth Date
    MaritalStatus Marital Status
    EmailAddress Email Address
    YearlyIncome Yearly Income
    TotalChildren Total Children
    NumberChildrenAtHome Number of Children At Home
    EnglishEducation Education
    EnglishOccupation Occupation
    HouseOwnerFlag Owns House
    NumberCarsOwned Number of Cars Owned
    AddressLine1 Address Line 1
    AddressLine2 Address Line 2
    Phone Phone Number
    DateFirstPurchase Date of First Purchase
    CommuteDistance Commute Distance


    Source Name Friendly Name
    FullDateAlternateKey Date
    DayNumberOfWeek Day Number of Week
    EnglishDayNameOfWeek Day Name
    DayNumberOfMonth Day of Month
    DayNumberOfYear Day of Year
    WeekNumberOfYear Week Number of Year
    EnglishMonthName Month Name
    MonthNumberOfYear Month
    CalendarQuarter Calendar Quarter
    CalendarYear Calendar Year
    CalendarSemester Calendar Semester
    FiscalQuarter Fiscal Quarter
    FiscalYear Fiscal Year
    FiscalSemester Fiscal Semester


    Source Name Friendly Name
    GeographyKey Geography Id
    StateProvinceCode State Province Code
    StateProvinceName State Province Name
    CountryRegionCode Country Region Code
    EnglishCountryRegionName Country Region Name
    PostalCode Postal Code
    SalesTerritoryKey Sales Territory Id


    Source Name Friendly Name
    ProductKey Product Id
    ProductAlternateKey Product Alternate Id
    ProductSubcategoryKey Product Subcategory Id
    WeightUnitMeasureCode Weight Unit Code
    SizeUnitMeasureCode Size Unit Code
    EnglishProductName Product Name
    StandardCost Standard Cost
    FinishedGoodsFlag Is Finished Product
    SafetyStockLevel Safety Stock Level
    ReorderPoint Reorder Point
    ListPrice List Price
    SizeRange Size Range
    DaysToManufacture Days to Manufacture
    ProductLine Product Line
    Dealer Price Dealer Price
    ModelName Model Name
    LargePhoto Large Photo
    EnglishDescription Description
    StartDate Product Start Date
    EndDate Product End Date
    Status Product Status

    Product Category

    Source Name Friendly Name
    ProductCategoryKey Product Category Id
    ProductCategoryAlternateKey Product Category Alternate Id
    EnglishProductCategoryName Product Category Name

    Product Subcategory

    Source Name Friendly Name
    ProductSubcategoryKey Product Subcategory Id
    ProductSubcategoryAlternateKey Product Subcategory Alternate Id
    EnglishProductSubcategoryName Product Subcategory Name
    ProductCategoryKey Product Category Id

    Internet Sales

    Source Name Friendly Name
    ProductKey Product Id
    CustomerKey Customer Id
    PromotionKey Promotion Id
    CurrencyKey Currency Id
    SalesTerritoryKey Sales Territory Id
    SalesOrderNumber Sales Order Number
    SalesOrderLineNumber Sales Order Line Number
    RevisionNumber Revision Number
    OrderQuantity Order Quantity
    UnitPrice Unit Price
    ExtendedAmount Extended Amount
    UnitPriceDiscountPct Unit Price Discount Pct
    DiscountAmount Discount Amount
    ProductStandardCost Product Standard Cost
    TotalProductCost Total Product Cost
    SalesAmount Sales Amount
    TaxAmt Tax Amt
    CarrierTrackingNumber Carrier Tracking Number
    CustomerPONumber Customer PO Number
    OrderDate Order Date
    DueDate Due Date
    ShipDate Ship Date

Next Step

To continue this tutorial, go to the next lesson: Lesson 4: Mark as Date Table.