APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server Analysis Services noAzure Analysis Services

Describes the parameters for the algorithms on the server.

Rowset Columns

The DMSCHEMA_MINING_SERVICE_PARAMETERS rowset contains the following columns.

Column name Type indicator Description
SERVICE_NAME DBTYPE_WSTR The name of the algorithm.
PARAMETER_NAME DBTYPE_WSTR The name of the parameter.
PARAMETER_TYPE DBTYPE_WSTR The type of the parameter.
IS_REQUIRED DBTYPE_BOOL A Boolean that returns TRUE if the parameter is required.
PARAMETER_FLAGS DBTYPE_UI4 A bitmask that describes the characteristics of the parameter:

DM_PARAMETER_TRAINING (0x0000001) indicates the parameter is used for training

DM_PARAMETER_PREDICTION (0x00000002) indicates the parameter is used for prediction

DM_PARAMETER_CONTENT (0x00000003) indicates the parameter is used for content restriction
DESCRIPTION DBTYPE_WSTR A user-friendly description of the parameter.
DEFAULT_VALUE DBTYPE_WSTR The default value of the parameter. Returns NULL if the default value is not a simple data type.
VALUE_ENUMERATION DBTYPE_WSTR An enumerator of possible values for the parameter.
HELP_FILE DBTYPE_WSTR The name of the file that contains this parameter's documentation.
HELP_CONTEXT DBTYPE_I4 The Help context ID for this function.

Restriction Columns

The DMSCHEMA_MINING_SERVICE_PARAMETERS rowset can be restricted on the columns listed in the following table.

Column name Type indicator Restriction State

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