Returns information about literals, including data types and values, supported by the Microsoft XML for Analysis (XMLA) provider.

If you call the Discover method with the DISCOVER_LITERALS enumeration value in the RequestType element, the Discover method returns the DISCOVER_LITERALS rowset.

Rowset Columns

The DISCOVER_LITERALS rowset contains the following columns.

Column name Type indicator Length Description
LiteralName DBTYPE_WSTR The name of the literal described in the row.

LiteralValue DBTYPE_WSTR An actual literal value.

For example, if LiteralName is DBLITERAL_LIKE_PERCENT and the percent character (%) matches zero or more characters in a LIKE clause, the value of the LiteralValue column is "%".
LiteralInvalidChars DBTYPE_WSTR The characters that are not valid in the literal.

For example, if table names can contain anything other than a numeric character, this string is "0123456789".
LiteralInvalidStartingChars DBTYPE_WSTR The characters that are not valid as the first character of the literal. If the literal can start with any valid character, this is null.
LiteralMaxLength DBTYPE_I4 The maximum number of characters in the literal. If there is no maximum or the maximum is unknown, the value is –1.
LiteralNameEnumValue DBTYPE_I4

This schema rowset is not sorted.

Restriction Columns

The DISCOVER_LITERALS rowset can be restricted on the columns in the following table.

Column name Type indicator Restriction State
LiteralName DBTYPE_WSTR Optional.

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