APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server Analysis ServicesnoAzure Analysis Services

Returns a list of internal memory quota grants that are taken by jobs that are currently running on the server. To find out whether a job is running on the server, use Select * from $System.Discover_Jobs.

Applies to: tabular models, multidimensional models

Rowset Columns

The DISCOVER_MEMORYGRANT rowset contains the following columns.

Column name Type indicator Restriction Description
MEMORY_ID DBTYPE_I8 A number that identifies the memory quota grant. Unique within the context of a single DISCOVER_MEMORYGRANT request.
SPID DBTYPE_I4 Required The SPID, which you can obtain by running Select * from $System.Discover_Sessions.
CreationTime DBTYPE_I8 DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP The time the quota was granted.
LastRequestTime DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP The time the quota request was last modified.
MemoryUsed DBTYPE_I4 The amount of memory used in association with the quota.
MemoryGranted DBTYPE_I4 The amount of memory granted for use by the job that is obtaining the memory quota.
Blocked DBTYPE_BOOL A Boolean that indicates the block status of the job. True indicates that the job is blocked waiting for another job to release sufficient quota to grant its quota request. False indicates that the job has received its quota and can execute.

This schema rowset is not sorted.

Using ADOMD.NET to return the rowset

When using ADOMD.NET and the schema rowset to retrieve metadata, you can use either the GUID or string to reference a schema rowset object in the GetSchemaDataSet method. For more information, see Working with Schema Rowsets in ADOMD.NET.

The following table provides the GUID and string values that identify this rowset.

Argument Value
GUID a07ccd23-8148-11d0-87bb-00c04fc33942

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