AggregationInstance Element (ASSL)

APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server Analysis ServicesnoAzure Analysis Services

Defines an aggregation instance for a partition.



Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Data type and length None
Default value None
Cardinality 0-n: Optional element that can occur more than once.

Element Relationships

Relationship Element
Parent elements AggregationInstances
Child elements AggregationID, AggregationType, Annotations, Dimensions, Measures, Source


When a Partition element uses an AggregationDesign element to generate aggregations for that partition, each Aggregation in the AggregationDesign is instantiated for that partition. Multiple partitions can use the same aggregation design to generate multiple instances of a defined aggregation. The AggregationInstance element represents an instance of a defined aggregation.

The corresponding element in the Analysis Management Objects (AMO) object model is AggregationInstance.

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