KeyDuplicate Element (ASSL)

APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server Analysis ServicesnoAzure Analysis Services

Determines how Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services handles a duplicate key error if it encounters one during processing.



Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Data type and length String (enumeration)
Default value IgnoreError
Cardinality 0-1: Optional element that can occur once and only once.

Element Relationships

Relationship Element
Parent element ErrorConfiguration
Child elements None


Duplicate key errors are generated only during dimension processing, when an attribute key is encountered more than once. Because attribute keys must be unique, Analysis Services discards the duplicate records. Duplicate key errors typically indicate a flaw in the design of the dimension, specifically in the relationships between attributes.

The value of this element is limited to one of the strings in the following table.

Value Description
IgnoreError Processing should ignore the error and continue.
ReportAndContinue Processing should report the error and continue.
ReportAndStop Processing should report the error and stop.

The enumeration that corresponds to the allowed values for KeyDuplicate in the Analysis Management Objects (AMO) object model is ErrorOption.

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