Source Element (Binding) (ASSL)

Identifies the source of data to which the parent element is bound.


<AggregationInstance> <!-- or one of the elements listed below in the Element Relationships table -->  

Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Data type and length See the table below.
Default value None
Cardinality 0-1: Optional element that can occur once and only once.
Ancestor or Parent Data Type
AggregationInstance TabularBinding
AggregationInstanceMeasure ColumnBinding
Cube DataSourceViewBinding
DataItem Any data type derived from Binding, depending on the parent of DataItem. For more information, see Remarks.
Dimension CubeDimensionBinding, DataSourceViewBinding, DimensionBinding, TimeBinding
DimensionAttribute AttributeBinding, UserDefinedGroupBinding
MeasureGroup MeasureGroupBinding
MeasureGroupDimension MeasureGroupDimensionBinding
MiningStructure CubeDimensionBinding, DataSourceViewBinding, DimensionBinding
Partition TabularBinding
ProactiveCaching Any data type derived from ProactiveCachingBinding, depending on the processing and notification options used by the parent of the ProactiveCaching element.

Element Relationships

Relationship Element
Parent elements AggregationInstance, AggregationInstanceMeasure, Cube, DataItem, Dimension, DimensionAttribute, MeasureGroup, MeasureGroupDimension, MiningStructure, Partition, ProactiveCaching.
Child elements None


In the Source element, the derived Binding data types that are allowed in the DataItem element depend on the parent of the DataItem element.

DataItem Parent Allowed Data Types
DimensionAttribute AttributeBinding, ColumnBinding, TimeAttributeBinding (only for KeyColumns).
MeasureGroupAttribute AttributeBinding, ColumnBinding, InheritedBinding.
ScalarMiningStructureColumn ColumnBinding

For more information about the Binding type, including tables of Analysis Services Scripting Language (ASSL) objects of the Binding type and the inheritance hierarchy of Binding types, see Binding Data Type (ASSL).

For more information about data bindings in ASSL, see Data Sources and Bindings (SSAS Multidimensional).

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