Technical Reference for BI Annotations to CSDL

APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server Analysis ServicesnoAzure Analysis Services

This section lists the elements, attribute, and properties in CSDL that are used to represent Analysis Services tabular models. Some elements are new; others have been annotated or extended to support business intelligence modeling.

For an overview of tabular models and how the entities, relationships, and formulas are represented in CSDL, see CSDL Annotations for Business Intelligence (CSDLBI).

Extended CSDL Elements: Complex Types

The following elements of CSDL have been added or extended to support business intelligence data models, both tabular and multidimensional.

Simple Type and Subtypes

The following table lists some simple types and some minor complex types that are included in the definitions of the complex types listed above. The documentation for each simple type or subtype listed in the left-hand column is provided in the parent elements listed in the right-hand column.

Simple Type Found in topic
Alignment BaseProperty Element (CSDLBI)
CompareOptions EntityContainer Element (CSDLBI)
Contents EntityType Element (CSDLBI)
ContextualNameRule Member Element (CSDLBI)
DefaultAggregationFunction Property Element (CSDLBI)
DirectQueryMode EntityContainer Element (CSDLBI)
GroupingBehavior Property Element (CSDLBI)
MemberRefs MemberRef Element (CSDLBI)
PropertyRefs PropertyRef Element (CSDLBI)
SortDirection BaseProperty Element (CSDLBI)
State AssociationSet Element (CSDLBI)
Stability Property Element (CSDLBI)
SortDirection BaseProperty Element (CSDLBI)

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