Add a Table (SSAS Tabular)

This topic describes how to add a table from a data source from which you have previously imported data into your model. To add a table from the same data source, you can use the existing data source connection. It is recommended you always use a single connection when importing any number of tables from a single data source.

To add a table from an existing data source

  1. In SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), click the Model menu, and then click Existing Connections.

  2. On the Existing Connections page, select the connection to the data source that has the table you want to add, and then click Open.

  3. On the Select Tables and Views page, select the table from the data source you want to add to your model.


    The Select Tables and Views page will not show tables that were previously imported as checked. If you select a table that was previously imported using this connection, and you did not give the table a different friendly name, a 1 will be appended to the friendly name. You do not need to re-select any tables that were previously imported by using this connection.

  4. If necessary, use Preview & Filter to select only certain columns or apply filters to the data to be imported.

  5. Click Finish to import the new table.


When importing multiple tables at the same time from a single data source, any relationships between those tables at the source will automatically be created in the model. When adding a table later; however, you may need to manually create relationships in the model between newly added tables and the tables that were previously imported.

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