What's Included in the Data Mining Add-Ins for Office

When you install the Data Mining Add-ins for Office 2013, and you select all installation options, the following toolbars and templates will be added:

  • Table Analysis Tools for Excel

    Simple but powerful tasks that use data in Excel tables. No customization required; the algorithms detect the right parameters and generate all the charts and reports needed to understand the model.

    If you are new to data mining, start here.

  • Data Mining Client for Excel (SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins)

    This add-in provides tools for just about every data mining task you might need - from cleaning and sampling your data, to performing building models, testing model accuracy, and performing cross-validation. You can also manage and document models and build DMX queries from templates.

    Experienced data miners will enjoy access to all the tools available in SQL Server data mining, including model import and export, prediction queries, and content queries.

  • Data Mining Shapes for Visio

    Just drag these shapes onto a Visio page to create diagrams that are linked to your mining models, but which can be customized using Visio to create more attractive, interactive presentations.

  • Server Configuration Utility (Data Mining Add-ins for Excel)

    A connection to a data mining server is required to build models. If you need help getting set up, simply click Help and follow the instructions on each page of the configuration wizard. You can either fix issues yourself, or the wizard will provide information that you can send to your system administrator to get set up correctly.

  • Choosing Data and Using the Sample Data

    Knowing which data to use, and how to prepare it, is critical to data analysis. This topic gives you tips on how to prepare your data to make the best model possible.

    If you are new to data mining and just want to experiment with the tools, we recommend that you use the workbook of sample data that is installed together with the add-ins. By looking at this data you can also see examples of how to prepare data for time series models or association models.

    Sample data

    The data in the sample workbook has been preformatted to make it easier to try out each of the wizards and tools.

    • DMAddins_SampleData.xlsx

    The default location for the sample workbook depends on which version you installed:

    • <drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2014 DM add-ins

    • <drive>:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft SQL Server 2014 DM add-ins

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