Type Element (XMLA)

Determines the type of processing to be performed by the Process element.



Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Data type and length String (enumeration)
Default value None
Cardinality 1-1: Required element that occurs once and only once.

Element Relationships

Relationship Element
Parent elements Process
Child elements None


For more information about processing options available to objects on an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, see Processing a multidimensional model (Analysis Services).

The value of the Type element is limited to one of the strings listed in the following table.

Value Description
ProcessFull Drops all data in the affected object, and then processes the affected object.
ProcessAdd Adds new data to the affected object.
ProcessUpdate Refreshes the data in the affected object.
ProcessIndexes Creates or rebuilds indexes and aggregations in the affected object.
ProcessScriptCache If the cube is processed, the server will rebuild the MDX script cache. If not, an error will be raised.

Note Applies only to cube.
ProcessData Processes data only in the affected object.
ProcessDefault Detects the state of the affected object and then performs the appropriate processing option on the affected object to fully optimize it and return it to a fully processed state.
ProcessClear Drops the data in the affected object and all related objects.
ProcessStructure Processes the structure only of the affected object.
ProcessClearStructureOnly Clears data only from the affected object.

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