Monitor Appliance Health State

This article explains how to monitor the state of an Analytics Platform System appliance by using the Admin Console, or by directly querying the Parallel Data Warehouse dynamic management views.

To Monitor the Appliance State

A system administrator can use the Admin Console or the SQL Server PDW Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) to retrieve the full hierarchy of nodes, components, and software. The following diagram gives a high level understanding of the components that SQL Server PDW monitors.

Monitoring overview

Monitor Component Status By Using the Admin Console

To retrieve component status by using the Admin Console:

  1. Click on the Appliance State tab.

  2. On the Appliance State page, click on a specific node to view the node details.

    PDW Admin Console State

Monitor Component Status By Using System Views

To retrieve component status by using system views, use sys.dm_pdw_component_health_status. For example, the following query retrieves the status for all components.

   n.[name] as [node_name],  
   n.[address] ,  
   g.[group_id] ,  
   g.[group_name] ,  
   c.[component_id] ,  
   c.[component_name] ,  
   s.[component_instance_id] ,   
   p.[property_name] ,  
   s.[property_value] ,  
FROM [sys].[dm_pdw_component_health_status] AS s  
JOIN sys.dm_pdw_nodes AS n   
   ON s.[pdw_node_id] = n.[pdw_node_id]  
JOIN [sys].[pdw_health_components] AS c   
   ON s.[component_id] = c.[component_id]  
JOIN [sys].[pdw_health_component_groups] AS g   
   ON c.[group_id] = g.[group_id]  
JOIN [sys].[pdw_health_component_properties] AS p   
   ON s.[property_id] = p.[property_id] AND s.[component_id] = p.[component_id]  
WHERE p.property_name = 'Status'  
   g.[group_name] ,   
   s.[component_instance_id] ,  
   c.[component_name] ,   

Possible values returned for the Status property are:

  • Ok

  • NonCritical

  • Critical

  • Unknown

  • Unsupported

  • Unreachable

  • Unrecoverable

To see all the properties for all components, remove the WHERE p.property_name = 'Status' clause.

The [update_time] column shows the last time the component was polled by the SQL Server PDW health agents.


Be sure to investigate the issue when a component has not been polled for 5 minutes or longer; there could be an alert that indicates an issue with the software heartbeats.

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