Parallel Data Warehouse services status for Analytics Platform System

The Parallel Data Warehouse Services Status page in the Microsoft Analytics Platform System Configuration Manager shows the current status of all SQL Server PDW services, and provides the ability to stop and start the PDW services. This is the only supported method for starting and stopping the PDW services. Note that individual components or services cannot be started independently.

To start or stop the appliance services

  1. To start the appliance services, click Start Appliance.

  2. To stop the appliance services, click Stop Appliance.

It is not necessary to click Apply when starting and stopping the appliance services by using Start Appliance and Stop Appliance.

DWConfig Appliance PDW Services


Stopping the PDW Region also stops the PDW agent (sqldwagent) on the nodes of the HDInsight Region. The HDInsight Region is still functional, however health monitoring will not be available. (The PDW agent requires the PDW control node to report health monitoring.)

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