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January Hotfix 2019 (January Hotfix Release)

release date: January 16, 2019
version: 1.3.9

Version 1.3.9 fixes a few issues discovered in 1.3.8. For details, see January Hotfix Release.

For detailed information, see the Change Log, and Releases.

January 2019 (January Release)

release date: January 09, 2019
version: 1.3.8

  • Added a new user installer for Windows. Unlike the existing system installer, the new user installer does not require administrator privileges. This also enables an easier upgrade experience for non administrators.
  • Azure Active Directory Authentication support.
  • Announcing Idera SQL DM Performance Insights (Preview).
  • Data-Tier Application Wizard support in SQL Server Import extension.
  • Update to the SQL Server 2019 Preview extension
  • SQL Server Profiler improvements.
  • Results Streaming for large queries (preview).
  • Community extensions: sp_executesql to sql and New Database.
  • Resolved bugs and issues.

November 2018 (November Release)

release date: November 6, 2018
version: 1.2.4

  • Update to the SQL Server 2019 Preview extension
  • Introducing Paste the Plan extension
  • Introducing High Color queries extension, including SSMS editor theme
  • Fixes in SQL Server Agent, Profiler, and Import extensions
  • Fix .Net Core Socket KeepAlive issue causing dropped inactive connections on macOS
  • Upgrade SQL Tools Service to .Net Core 2.2 Preview 3 (for eventual AAD support)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue #2933: Connection lost to Azure SQL DB
  • Fix issue #2914: "Invalid argument" exception expanding OE database node
  • Fix issue #2935: Display multi-line messages correctly in query results
  • Fix issue #2906: Fix Edit Data document name when table name contains special characters
  • Fix issue #2929: Built in extension changelog says to check the VSCode Release Notes for changes
  • Fix issue #2719: High Contrast theme doubles/triples icons
  • Fix issue #3047: Add a command line interface for connecting to a SQL Server
  • Fix issue #3031: Add query plan theme support
  • ...

October 2018 (October Release)

release date: October 29, 2018
version: 1.1.4

  • Introducing the Azure Resource Explorer to browse Azure SQL Databases
  • Improve Object Explorer and Query Editor connectivity robustness
  • SQL Agent extensions improvements
  • Update to the SQL Server 2019 Preview extension

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue #2717: XML Column result click formatting
  • Fix issue #2993: Width's Result windows is incomplete
  • Fix issue #2999: Could not load file System.Diagnostics.Tracing on Mac when connecting to DB
  • Fix issue #2851: TimeSeries chart does not render correctly
  • Fix issue #2996: Temp table loss due to sudden session change
  • ...

For detailed information, see the Change Log, and Releases.

September 2018 (September GA Release)

release date: September 24, 2018
version: 1.0

General Availability release of Azure Data Studio (formerly SQL Operations Studio).

  • Announcing the SQL Server 2019 Preview extension.
    • Support for SQL Server 2019 preview features including big data cluster support.
      • Connect to the HDFS/Spark Gateway shipped with SQL Server 2019 preview.
      • Browse HDFS, upload files, save files, and launch useful actions such as Analyze in Notebook for CSV files.
      • Submit Spark jobs from the dashboard or right-click on a HDFS/Spark connection in Object Explorer.
    • Azure Data Studio Notebooks
      • Create or open Notebooks using an integrated Notebook viewer. In this release the Notebook viewer supports connecting to local kernels and the SQL Server 2019 big data cluster only.
      • Use the PROSE Code Accelerator libraries in your Notebook to learn file format and data types for fast data preparation.
    • Azure Resource Explorer
      • The Azure Resource Explorer view lets you browse data-related endpoints for your Azure accounts and create connections to them in Object Explorer. In this release Azure SQL Databases and servers are supported.
    • SQL Server PolyBase Create External Table Wizard
      • Create an external table and its supporting metadata structures with an easy to use wizard. In this release, remote SQL Server and Oracle servers are supported.
  • Query Results Grid performance and UX improvements for large number of result sets.
  • Visual Studio Code source code refresh from 1.23 to 1.26.1 with Grid Layout and Improved Settings Editor (preview).
  • Accessibility improvements for screen reader, keyboard navigation and high-contrast.
  • Added Connection name option to provide an alternative display name in the Servers view-let.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue #2647: The charts took a big step backwards.
  • Fix issue #2648: SELECT that returns a JSON hyperlinks the whole column.
  • ...

For detailed information, see the Change Log, and Releases.

August 2018 (August Public Preview)

release date: August 30, 2018
version: 0.32.8

0.32.8 contains fixes for a couple regressions found in 0.32.7 (#1971, #2372)

The August Public Preview focuses on bug fixes, product stabilization, and filling gaps in existing scenarios.

  • Announcing the SQL Server Import Extension
  • SQL Server Profiler Session management
  • SQL Server Profiler session template support
  • SQL Server Agent improvements
  • New community extension: First responder kit
  • Quality of Life improvements: Connection strings

Bug Fixes

  • Parse SQL in a Query Editor window by using the Parse Syntax command.
  • Fix issue #143: Double-click not selecting @ in variable name.
  • Fix issue #387: SQL Tab DB Icon is red.
  • Fix issue #825: Request: Auto Connect to current server after Script as...
  • Fix issue #1278: sqlops.desktop [Desktop Entry] - redundant value for Name & Comment.
  • Fix issue #1285: Updating causes application icon to be removed/replaced in Windows.
  • Fix issue #1317: Fix the decimal separator.
  • Fix issue #1474: Cancel change connection disconnects current connection.
  • Fix issue #1497: View as Chart options are cut off at the bottom.
  • Fix issue #1524: Shell/Dashboard: Main viewlet icons are draggable and can crash the app.
  • Fix issue #1578: Not able to expand/collapse remote file browser folder by clicking name.
  • Fix issue #1620: Feature Suggestion: Get Connection String for existing connection.
  • Fix issue #1624: SelectBox doesn't change color when disabled.
  • Fix issue #1728: Save as JSON/EXCEL/CSV not work.
  • Fix issue #1744: Results pane loses its scrolling positions when switching between tabs.
  • Fix issue #1748: Error message when saving Excel file second (and subsequent) time.
  • Fix issue #1782: Edit data: cell doesn't revert to original value on hitting Escape key.
  • Fix issue #1836: .sql files not associated with SQL Operations Studio.
  • Fix issue #1850: Typing N'' autocompletes to N'''.
  • Fix issue #1985: Copy from query results grid is off by 1 column.
  • Fix issue #1998: Add VS Code version to About dialog.
  • Fix issue #2042: Agent: Enabled button to import queries from sql files.
  • Fix issue #2091: Can't use Ctrl+C shortcut to copy from result pane.
  • Fix issue #2099: Added more saveAsCsv options.
  • Fix issue #2107: Update document icon for Dashboard and Profiler documents.
  • Fix issue #2129: Save edit data scroll position when switching tabs.
  • Fix issue #2152: Results Grid Row Indicator Zero Based.

Known Issues

  • Issue #2371 Save As Excel Only Saves First Row of Data
  • Issue #2150: Unable to connect on Ubuntu 16.04 to SQL in a container

July 2018 (July Public Preview)

release date: July 19, 2018
version: 0.31.4

The July Public Preview focuses on the initial release of the SQL Server Agent configuration scenarios, SQL Server Profiler session and view template enhancements, and continued bug fixes for customer reported GitHub issues. This release contains the following highlights:

  • SQL Server Agent for SQL Operations Studio extension improvements
  • Added view of Alerts, Operators, and Proxies and icons on left pane
  • Added dialogs for New Job, New Job Step, New Alert, and New Operator
  • Added Delete Job, Delete Alert, and Delete Operator (right-click)
  • Added Previous Runs visualization
  • Added Filters for each column name
  • SQL Server Profiler for SQL Operations Studio extension improvements
  • Added Hotkeys to quickly launch and start/stop Profiler
  • Added 5 Default Templates to view Extended Events
  • Added Server/Database connection name
  • Added support for Azure SQL Database instances
  • Added suggestion to exit Profiler when tab is closed when Profiler is still running
  • Release of Combine Scripts Extension
  • Wizard and Dialog Extensibility points added for Extension Authors
  • Fix GitHub Issues:
  • Fix issue 728: No response to Add Connection on macOS
  • Fix issue 1612: Results grid text display is messed up by international characters
  • Fix issue 1693: Backup dialog: File browser UI is broken
  • Fix issue 1713: Number of rows affected
  • Fix issue 1718: Unable to connect to any datasource
  • Fix issue 1719: TypeError when Connecting to Server
  • Fix issue 1724: Extension dialogs have stopped working
  • Fix issue 1749: BUG: HTML data in a column gets interpreted
  • Fix issue 1789: Extensibility: if you add a connection provider uninstall will never remove it from the list
  • Fix issue 1791: Sqlops Extensions: queryeditor.connect() connects to the target database, but UI does not show the editor is connected
  • Fix issue 1799: Top 10 DB Size chart does not work on case sensitive instances
  • Fix issue 1814: sqlops.d.ts typo causing implicit 'any' type definition
  • Fix issue 1817: Error de Ortografia
  • Fix issue 1830: Setting iconPath in ButtonComponent after component() is called does not change icon
  • Fix issue 1843: Better Table organization

June 2018 (June Public Preview)

release date: June 20, 2018
version: 0.30.6

The June Public Preview contains the following highlights:

  • SQL Server Profiler for SQL Operations Studio Preview extension initial release.
  • The new SQL Data Warehouse extension includes rich customizable dashboard widgets surfacing insights to your data warehouse. This unlocks key scenarios around managing and tuning your data warehouse to ensure it is optimized for consistent performance.
  • Edit Data "Filtering and Sorting" support.
  • SQL Server Agent for SQL Operations Studio Preview extension enhancements for Jobs and Job History views.
  • Improved Wizard & Dialog UI Builder Framework extensibility APIs.
  • Update VS Code Platform source code integrating March 2018 (1.22) and April 2018 (1.23) releases.
  • Fix GitHub Issues:
    • Feature request (issue 1204): Please make the results grid auto-fit column width to data, and/or remember manual changes if the same query is re-run.
    • Fix issue 1398: Should show add message and add account account button when linked account is empty.
    • Fix issue 1399: Linked account tab is broken when the view is collapsed.
    • Fix issue 1374: SQL Tools Service crashes when opening .sql file from disk.
    • Fix issue 1372: Missing SQL keyword "BETWEEN".
    • Fix issue 1395: 'MATCH' keyword crashes SQL Tools Service.
    • Fix issue 1496: "New Profiler" context menu option in Object Explorer does nothing.
    • Fix issue 1495: Query editor "Explain" query plan is broken.

May 2018 (May Public Preview)

release date: May 7, 2018
version: 0.29.3

The May Public Preview is focused on stabilization and bug fixes. This build contains the following highlights:

  • Announcing Redgate SQL Search extension available in Extension Manager.
  • Community Localization available for 10 languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • Reduced telemetry collection, improved opt-out experience and in-product links to Privacy Statement.
  • Extension Manager has improved Marketplace experience to easily discover community extensions.
  • SQL Agent extension Jobs and Job History view improvement.
  • Updates for whoisactive and Server Reports extensions.
  • Improve Manage Dashboard Properties scrolling.
  • Fix GitHub Issues:
    • Fix issue 703: Entering HTML-like text in edit data causes value to display incorrectly until refresh
    • Fix issue 821: azuredatastudio.deb package dependency
    • Fix issue 1260: Keyword 'distinct' not highlighted
    • Fix issue 1332: Edit data revert row doesn't work
    • Fix issue 1215: SQL Agent extension and the status bar
    • Fix issue 1316: SQL Agent DonĀ“t resize after change windows size

April 2018 (April Public Preview)

release date: April 25, 2018
version: 0.28.6

The April Public Preview contains bug fixes and improvements.

  • Improvements to the SQL Agent Preview extension.
  • Improved large and protected file support for saving Admin protected and >256M files within SQL Operations Studio.
  • Integrated Terminal splitting to work with multiple open terminals at once.
  • Reduced installation on-disk file count foot print for faster installs and startup times.
  • Continue to fix GitHub issues:
    • Fix issue 37: When the chart viewer throws an error, unexpected behavior occurs.
    • Fix issue 462: Feature Request: Option for Server Groups to be expanded by default.
    • Fix issue 606: intellisense - Bad suggestion for 'update' command.
    • Fix issue 967: Expect query plan when select XML showplan in the result grid.
    • Fix issue 1023: Add square brackets for ms_foreachdb call from flyfishingdba.
    • Fix issue 1048: Pre-login SSL/TLS handshake error.
    • Fix issue 1050: Clear insights view before showing error.
    • Fix issue 1057: Restore and new query actions in explorer-widget are broken.
    • Fix issue 1068: Dashboard Output windows pops-up with error message for Azure SQL Database.
    • Fix issue 1069: Connection Dialog shows Server Required error when initially displayed.
    • Fix issue 1070: Server Groups now require a double-click to expand.
    • Fix issue 1072: Select control background is semi-transparent.
    • Fix issue 1115: Fix all high contrast accessibility issues in SQL Operations Studio.
    • Fix issue 1101: Extension fails to upgrade "Download Manually" link goes to wrong location.
    • Fix issue 1103: V Scroll not working on Home Tab.
    • Fix issue 1104: SQL extension tabs stopped working.

A significant highlight for the April Public Preview is the Visual Studio Code 1.21 platform source code refresh. This brings in several updates to the core editor and workbench from the previous 1.19 sync point. Some examples include the following:

For additional details, checkout the Visual Studio Code February Release Notes, and the Visual Studio Code January Release Notes.

For more information, see the Change Log.

March 2018 (March Public Preview)

release date: March 28, 2018
version: 0.27.3

The March Public Preview continues to address the top GitHub issues and is focused on improving our extensibility story. Specifically enabling Extension Manager, improving dashboard management, and providing SQL Agent and insights extensions. This release includes the following enhancements:

February 2018 (February Public Preview)

release date: February 15, 2018
version: 0.26.7

The February Public Preview includes some feature suggestions and high-priority bug fixes. This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Introducing Auto-Update Installation, which provides a notification when a new release is available to download
  • The Connection Dialog 'Database' field is now a dynamically populated drop-down list that will contain a list of databases populated from the specified server.
  • Fix issue 6: Keep connection and selected database when opening new query tabs.
  • Fix issue 22: 'Server Name' and 'Database Name' - Can these be drop downs instead of text boxes?
  • Fix issue 549: Silent/Very Silent Install results in application opening after installation.
  • Fix issue 481: Add "Check for updates" option.
  • SQL Editor colorization and auto-completion fixes:
    • Fix issue 584: Keyword "FULL" not highlighted by IntelliSense.
    • Fix issue 345: Colorize SQL functions within the editor.
    • Fix issue 300: [#tempData] latest "]" will display green color.
    • Fix issue 225: Keyword color mismatch.
    • Fix issue 60: Invalid sql syntax color highlighting when using temporary table in from clause.
  • Introduce Connection extensibility API.
  • VS Code Editor 1.19 integration.
  • Update JustinPealing/html-query-plan component to pick-up several Query Plan viewer improvements.

January 2018 (January Public Preview)

release date: January 17, 2018
version: 0.25.4

The January Public Preview includes some feature suggestions and high-priority bug fixes. This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Saved Server connections are available in the Connection Dialog.
  • Enable Hot exit. Hot exit is off by default, to enable see Hot exit setting.
  • Tab-coloring based on Server Group. Tab coloring is off by default, to enable see Tab color setting.
  • Change Server name to Server in the Connection Dialog.
  • Fix broken Run Current Query command.
  • Fix drag-and-drop breaking scripting bug.
  • Fix incorrect pinned Start Menu icon.
  • Fix missing Azure Account branding icon.

December 2017 (December Public Preview)

release date: December 19, 2017
version: 0.24.1

The December Public Preview includes several bugs fixes across all feature areas, as well as the following enhancements:

  • Create Firewall Rule Dialog is now available to assist connecting to Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.
  • Added Windows Setup, and Linux DEB and RPM installation packages.
  • Manage Dashboard visual layout editor.
  • Script As Alter and Script As Execute commands.
  • Run Current Query with Actual Plan command.
  • Integrate VS Code 1.18.1 editor platform.
  • Enable Sideloading of VSIX Extension files.
  • Support "GO N" batch iteration syntax.

November 2017

release date: November 15, 2017
version: 0.23.6

  • Initial release of Azure Data Studio.

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