Deploy SQL Server big data cluster with Azure Data Studio notebooks

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SQL Server 2019 provides an extension for Azure Data Studio that includes deployment notebooks. A deployment notebook includes documentation and code that you can use in Azure Data Studio to create a SQL Server big data cluster.

Originally implemented as an open source project, notebooks have been implemented into Azure Data Studio. You can use markdown for text in the text cells and one of the available kernels to write code in the code cells.

You can use notebooks to deploy big data clusters for SQL Server 2019.


Following prerequisites are required to be able to launch the notebook:

In addition to above, deploying SQL Server 2019 big data cluster also requires:

Launch the notebook

  1. Launch the Azure Data Studio Insiders.

  2. On the Connections tab, click ... and select Deploy SQL Server big data cluster....

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  3. From the Deployment Target, under Options, select either New Azure Kubernetes Cluster or Existing Azure Kubernetes Service cluster.

  4. Click Select button.

  5. This action launches a dialog to collect the user input, provide the required information and review the default values.

  6. Click Open Notebook button. This action launches the appropriate notebook. To complete the deployment, follow the instructions in the notebook to deploy a big data cluster for SQL Server 2019 on an existing or new Azure Kubernetes Service cluster.

Next steps

For more information about deployment, see deployment guidance for SQL Server big data clusters.