setPoolable Method (SQLServerStatement)

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Requests that a statement be pooled or not pooled.


public void setPoolable(boolean poolable) throws SQLException  



If true, requests that the statement be pooled. If false, requests that the statement not be pooled.




The value specified in the poolable parameter is a hint to the statement pool implementation indicating if the application wants the statement to be pooled. The statement pool manager decides if it will use the hint.

A statement's pool value applies to both internal statement caches implemented by the driver and external statement caches implemented by application servers and other applications.

By default, a SQLServerStatement object is not poolable when created. SQLServerPreparedStatement and SQLServerCallableStatement objects are poolable when created.

SQLServerException is thrown if this method is called on a closed statement.

isPoolable returns a value indicating if the object is poolable.

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