List of bugs fixed

This page contains a listing of bugs fixed in each release, starting with Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server

Bug fixes in the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17.3 for SQL Server

  • Fixed TCP send notification event handle memory leak
  • Fixed redefinition issue of enum _SQL_FILESTREAM_DESIRED_ACCESS in msodbcsql.h header file
  • Fixed missing ACCESS_TOKEN and AUTHENTICATION related definition in msodbcsql.h header file for Linux

Bug fixes in the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17.2 for SQL Server

  • Fixed an error message about Azure Active Directory Authentication
  • Fixed encoding detection when locale environment variables are set differently
  • Fixed a crash upon disconnect with connection recovery in progress
  • Fixed detection of connection liveness
  • Fixed incorrect detection of closed sockets
  • Fixed an infinite wait when attempting to release a statement handle during failed recovery
  • Fixed incorrect uninstallation behavior when both version 13 and 17 are installed on Windows
  • Fixed decryption behavior on older Windows platform (Windows 7, 8 and Server 2012)
  • Fixed a cache issue when using ADAL Authentication on Windows
  • Fixed an issue which was locking and overwriting trace logs on Windows

Bug fixes in the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17.1 for SQL Server

  • Fixed 1-second delay when calling SQLFreeHandle with MARS enabled and connection attribute "Encrypt=yes"
  • Fixed an error 22003 crash in SQLGetData when the size of the buffer passed in is smaller then the data being retrieved (Windows)
  • Fixed truncated ADAL error messages
  • Fixed a rare bug on 32-bit Windows when converting a floating point number to an integer
  • Fixed an issue where inserting double into decimal field with Always Encrypted on would return data truncation error
  • Fixed a warning on MacOS installer
  • Fixed sending incorrect state to SQL Server during Session Recovery attempt when Connection Resiliency and Connection Pooling both are enabled, causing session to be dropped by the Server

Bug fixes in the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server

  • Fixed a bug where when using Kerberos authentication, bulk insert could fail with "access denied" error
  • Removed workaround for a unixODBC bug present in version below 2.3.1 (driver doubled the sizes of certain buffers passed to unixODBC)
  • Fixed Connection Resiliency (reconnect) hanging when using ColumnEncryption=enabled
  • Fixed DSN creation bug, where when using "Active Directory Interactive authentication" option Azure Authentication window could become unresponsive (Windows)
  • Fixed a rare crash during ODBC shutdown when asynchronous execution is enabled (happened when clearing connection handle)
  • Fixed an issue where SQL Driver caused high CPU consumption while executing long stored procedures
  • Fixed inability to retrieve data in an encrypted varbinary(max) column without conversion
  • Fixed a problem where after a null varchar(max) encrypted column is fetched using SQLGetData() on a static cursor, the following column is also nulled even if it has data
  • Fixed an issue with fetching varbinary(max) field with Always Encrypted on
  • Fixed a problem of setlocale() not working with Always Encrypted
  • Fixed an issue with SQLDescribeParam() returning error when called on XML-type stored procedure parameter with Always Encrypted on
  • Fixed escaped underscores not working in SQLTables
  • Fixed a bug where Hebrew data (varchar) is truncated when returned as wide chars on Linux
  • Fixed an issue with querying Shift-JIS encoded char/varchar from UTF-8 application
  • Fixed the bug where calling SQLGetInfo with SQL_DRIVER_NAME parameter returned Linux-style filename on MacOS
  • Fixed an issue where loading Windows-1252 character data, using input files larger than 32k bytes into VARCHAR columns using the BCP utility would result in failures