Release Notes for the Microsoft ODBC Driver to SQL Server on Linux and macOS

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This article lists and describes what's new in the versioned releases of the Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server on Linux and macOS.

17.4.2, October 2019

Feature added Details
Support for additional Azure Key Vault endpoints See Using Always Encrypted with the ODBC Driver.
Support for setting data classification version See Data Classification.
Bug fixes. See Bug fixes.

Known Issue:

When using Always Encrypted with secure enclaves and Azure Key Vault, odd key path lengths may result in CMK signature verification errors. If you encounter this issue, try changing the length of the keypath by one character by renaming the AKV key.

17.4, August 2019

Feature added Details
Always Encrypted with Secure Enclaves. See Using Always Encrypted with the ODBC Driver.
Dynamic loading of OpenSSL See Programming Guidelines.
Configurable TCP Keep Alive settings. See Connecting to SQL Server.
Bug fixes. See Bug fixes.

17.3, February 2019

New item Details
New distributions supported. •     SuSE 15
•     Ubuntu 18.10
•     macOS 10.14
Azure Active Directory Managed Service Identity (system and user-assigned) authentication mode. See Using Azure Active Directory with the ODBC Driver.
Ability to stream input parameters against Always Encrypted columns. See , for more information see Limitations of the ODBC driver when using Always Encrypted.
XA distributed transactions. See Using XA Transactions.

XA is an initialism for eXtended Architecture, which is a standard for the execution of a global transaction that accesses more than one server-side data storage system.

17.2, July 2018

New item Details
New distributions supported. •     Ubuntu 18.04
Data Classification for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server. See Data Classification.
Support UTF-8 server encoding.  
Dynamic dependency on libcurl. Starting with this version, the libcurl package is not an explict dependency.
The libcurl package for OpenSSL or NSS is required when using Azure Key Vault or Azure Active Directory authentication.
If you encounter an error regarding libcurl, ensure it is installed.
Idle Connection Resiliency with ConnectRetryCount and ConnectRetryInterval keywords in connection string. •     Use SQL_COPT_SS_CONNECT_RETRY_COUNT(read only) to retrieve the number of connection retry attempts.

•     Use SQL_COPT_SS_CONNECT_RETRY_INTERVAL(read only) to retrieve the length of the connection retry interval.

See Connection Resiliency in the Windows ODBC Driver.
Bug fixes. Bug fixes.

17.1, March 2018

New item Details
Support for SQL_COPT_SS_CEKCACHETTL and SQL_COPT_SS_TRUSTEDCMKPATHS connection attributes. •     SQL_COPT_SS_CEKCACHETTL allows controlling the time that the local cache of Column Encryption Keys exists, as well as flushing it.

•     SQL_COPT_SS_TRUSTEDCMKPATHS allows the application to restrict Always Encrypted operations to use only the specified list of Column Master Keys.

See Using Always Encrypted with the ODBC Driver for SQL Server).
Support for loading the .rll from default location. See 'Resource File Loading' section in the Installation document.
Bug fixes. Bug fixes.


New distributions supported: macOS High Sierra and Ubuntu 17.10

Performance Improvements: Greater than 10x performance improvement when driver converts to/from UTF-8/16.

Features Added:

Always Encrypted support for BCP API

New connection string attribute UseFMTOnly causes driver to use legacy metadata in special cases requiring temp tables.

Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance (Extended Private Preview).


There are a number of differences when using Managed Instance:

  • FILESTREAM is not supported
  • Local filesystem access is not supported, but required for things like tracefiles
  • Create UDT from local path is not supported
  • Windows Integrated Authentication is not supported
  • DTC is not supported
  • 'sa' account is not present (default account is called 'cloudSA')
  • TDS token ERROR (0xAA) returns incorrect server name
  • Special characters in database name are not supported
  • ALTER DATABASE [dbname1] MODIFY NAME = [dbname2] is not supported
  • The error messages are always shown in English, regardless of language settings (same as Azure)

13.1, for SQL Server on Linux and macOS, May 2017

ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server adds support for Always Encrypted and Azure Active Directory when used in conjunction with Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

New distributions supported: OS X 10.11 and macOS 10.12 are supported in the first release of the ODBC Driver on macOS. Ubuntu 16.10 is now also supported, along with Red Hat 6, 7, and SUSE 12. Each platform has a platform-relevant package (RPM or DEB) to ease installation and configuration. See Installing the Driver for installation instructions.

unixODBC Driver Manager 2.3.1 Support Changes: The ODBC driver no longer depends on custom packaging for the unixODBC driver manager (except on RedHat 6), and instead relies on the distribution package manager to resolve the UnixODBC dependency from the distribution's repositories.

BCP API Support: The Linux and macOS ODBC driver now supports the use of the BCP API functions (bcp_init, etc.)

13.0, for SQL Server on Linux

With Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.0 for SQL Server, SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2016 are now also supported.

New distributions supported:

Ubuntu is now supported, along with Red Hat and SUSE. Each platform has a platform-relevant package (RPM or DEB) to ease installation and configuration. See Installing the Driver for installation instructions.

unixODBC Driver Manager 2.3.1 Support: In addition to a newer driver manager, there is also a package for installing this dependency that eases installation and configuration.

Transparent Network IP Resolution: Transparent Network IP Resolution is a revision of the existing Multi-Subnet Failover feature that affects the connection sequence of the driver in the case where the first resolved IP of the hostname does not respond and there are multiple IPs associated with the hostname.

TLS 1.2 Support: The Microsoft ODBC Driver 13.0 for SQL Server on Linux now supports TLS 1.2 when secure communications with SQL Server are used.

11, for SQL Server on Linux

The ODBC driver on SUSE Linux (Preview) supports 64-bit SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 2. For more information, see System Requirements.

The ODBC driver on Linux supports AlwaysOn Availability Groups. For more information, see ODBC Driver on Linux Support for High Availability, Disaster Recovery.

The ODBC driver on Linux supports connections to Microsoft Azure SQL Database. For more information, see How to: Connect to Azure SQL Database Using ODBC.

The -l option (login timeout) has been added to bcp. For more information, see Connecting with bcp.