Release Notes for ODBC to SQL Server on Windows

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This release notes article describes what's new for the Microsoft ODBC driver to SQL Server on Windows.

17.3, February 2019

Feature added Details
Azure Active Directory Managed Service Identity (system and user-assigned) authentication mode. See Using Azure Active Directory with the ODBC Driver.
Ability to stream input parameters against Always Encrypted columns. See Limitations of the ODBC driver when using Always Encrypted.
XA distributed transactions. Using XA Transactions.
Bug fixes. See Bug fixes.

17.2, July 2018

Feature added Details
Data Classification for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server. See Data Classification.
Support for UTF-8 server encoding.  
Bug fixes. See Bug fixes.

17.1, March 2018

Feature added Details
Allows controlling the time that the local cache of Column Encryption Keys exists, as well as flushing it.

Allows the application to restrict AE operations to only use the specified list of Column Master Keys.

For more information, see Using Always Encrypted with the ODBC Driver for SQL Server.
Azure Active Directory Interactive Authentication Support  
Bug fixes. See Bug fixes.

17, February 2018

Feature added Details
Always Encrypted support for BCP API.  
New connection string attribute UseFMTOnly. Causes the driver to use legacy metadata in special cases that require temporary tables.
Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance. Extended Private Preview.

See the following list of Differences when using Managed Instance (ODBC version 17).
Dependency changed Details
Removed Microsoft online service sign-in assistant The dependency has been removed.

Differences when using Managed Instance (ODBC version 17)

This version of ODBC contains support for Azure SQL Managed Instance (Extended Private Preview). See the following noted list of differences when using Managed Instance.


There are a number of differences when using Managed Instance:

  • FILESTREAM is not supported.
  • Local filesystem access is not supported, but is required for things like tracefiles.
  • Create UDT from local path is not supported.
  • Windows Integrated Authentication is not supported.
  • DTC is not supported.
  • sa account is not present (default account is called cloudSA).
  • TDS token ERROR (0xAA) returns incorrect server name.
  • Special characters in database name are not supported.
  • ALTER DATABASE [dbname1] MODIFY NAME = [dbname2] is not supported.
  • The error messages are always shown in English, regardless of language settings (same as Azure).


Feature added Details
ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server adds support for Always Encrypted and Azure Active Directory. These added supports are available when connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2016, or to a later version.
There are connection pooling keywords and attributes, that correspond to the supports for Always Encrypted and Azure Active Directory. These keywords and attribute are described in Driver Aware Connection Pooling in the ODBC Driver for SQL Server.


Feature added Details
Adds support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016. Retains the functionality of ODBC driver version 11.


Feature added Details
Contains new features. See Features of the Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server on Windows.
Contains all the features that shipped with ODBC in SQL Server 2012 Native Client.