Validation Page (Always On Availability Group Wizards)

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This help topic describes the options of the Validation page. This topic applies to the New Availability Group Wizard, Add Replica to Availability Group Wizard, and Add Database to Availability Group Wizard of SQL Server 2017. Use this page to validate that your environment supports all the configuration choices you made on previous pages of the wizard.

Validation Page Options

Results of availability group validation.
This grid displays the results of each completed validation step. The grid columns are as follows:

Displays a phrase that describes a specific step.

Displays one of the following hyperlink texts. For more information about the result of given validation step, click the hyperlink.

Result Description
Error Indicates that the validation step failed. Click the link to view the error message.
Skipped Indicates that the validation step was skipped because it is not required by your selections. Click the link to view the reason that a step was skipped.
Success Indicates that the validation step completed successfully
Warning Indicates a potential issue with the availability group configuration. Click the link to view the warning message.

Re-run Validation
Click to repeat the validation steps if you make a change outside of the wizard in response to a validation error.

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