View the List of Packages on the Integration Services Server

You can view the list of packages that are stored on the Integration Services server in one of two ways.

Transact-SQL access
To view the list of packages that are stored on the server, query the view, catalog.packages (SSISDB Database).

In SQL Server Management Studio
To view packages stored on the server by using Object Explorer in SQL Server Management Studio, follow the procedure below.

To view packages using SQL Server Management Studio

  1. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the Integration Services server. That is, connect to the instance of the SQL Server Database Engine that hosts the Integration Services database.

  2. In Object Explorer, expand the tree to display the Integration Services Catalogs node.

  3. Expand the Integration Services Catalogs node to display the SSISDB node.

  4. Expand the SSISDB node to display a list of one or more folders. Each folder contains one or more projects in the Projects folder, and each project contains one more packages in the Packages folder.