CDC Instance Deployment Script

The CDC Instance Deployment Script dialog box that displays the CDC instance deployment script. This script can be used to re-create the CDC database with all of its artifacts on a different SQL Server instance.

At the completion of the deployment script, you should make sure of the following:

  • The deployment script assumes that the target SQL Server instance was prepared for Oracle CDC, by using the Oracle CDC Service Configuration Console or by using prepare script that program creates.

  • The part of the script that is used to enable the database for CDC needs to be run by a sysadmin.

  • The script does not preserve the Oracle log-mining password. This needs to be set manually after the script is run and the Oracle CDC Service is started.

    Select the following options in the CDC Instance Deployment Script dialog box.

    Save As
    Saves the script in a text file that you can save in any location you want. You can copy the file with the script to any other server to run it there.

    Copies the script to the clipboard. You can then paste the script into the SQL Server Management Studio or any text editor to run the scripts later.

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