Change Data Capture Designer for Oracle by Attunity

The CDC Designer Console is used to develop and maintain Oracle CDC Instances. The CDC Designer Console is a Microsoft Management Console snap-in that contains the following elements:

  • New Instance Wizard: This wizard creates a new Oracle CDC Instance. For information on using the New Instance Wizard, see Use the New Instance Wizard.

  • CDC Instance Properties Viewer: This is a docked view showing the status and configuration of the selected CDC instance. For information about the properties viewer, see How to Manage a CDC Instance.

  • CDC Instance Properties Editor: This dialog box is used to edit any existing Oracle CDC Service instance. For information about editing the CDC instance properties, see Edit Instance Properties.

    The Microsoft® Change Data Capture Designer and Service for Oracle by Attunity for Microsoft SQL Server® 2016 are part of the SQL Server 2016 Feature Pack. Download components of the Feature Pack from the SQL Server 2016 Feature Pack web page.

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