Copy a Package in SQL Server Data Tools

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server, including on Linux yesAzure SQL Database yesAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

This topic describes how to create a new Integration Services package by copying an existing package, and how to update the Name and GUID properties of the new package.

To copy a package

  1. In SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), open the Integration Services project that contains the package that you want to copy.

  2. In Solution Explorer, double-click the package.

  3. Verify either the package to copy is selected in Solution Explorer or the tab in SSIS Designer that contains the package is the active tab

  4. On the File menu, click Save <package name> As.


    The package must be opened in SSIS Designer before the Save As option appears on the File menu.

  5. Optionally, browse to a different folder.

  6. Update the name of the package file. Make sure that you retain the .dtsx file extension.

  7. Click Save.

  8. At the prompt, choose whether to update the name of the package object to match the file name. If you click Yes, the Name property of the package is updated. The new package is added to the Integration Services project and opened in SSIS Designer.

  9. Optionally, click in the background of the Control Flow tab, and the click Properties.

  10. In the Properties window, click the value of the ID property, and then in the drop-down list click <Generate New ID>.

  11. On the File menu, click Save Selected Items to save the new package.

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