Raw File Destination Editor (Connection Manager Page)

Use the Raw File Destination Editor to configure the Raw File destination to write raw data to a file.

What do you want to do?

Open the Raw File Destination Editor

  1. Add the Raw File destination to an Integration Services package, in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

  2. Right-click the component and then click Edit.

Set options on the Connection Manager tab

Access mode
Select how the file name is specified. Select File name to enter the file name and path directly, of File name from variable to specify a variable that contains the file name.

File name or Variable name
Enter the name and path of the raw file, or select the variable that contains the file name.

Write option
Select the method used to create and write to the file.

Generate initial raw file
Click the button to generate an empty raw file that contains only the columns (metadata-only file), without having to run the package. The file contains the columns that you selected on the Columns page of the Raw File Destination Editor. You can point the Raw File source to this metadata-only file.

When you click Generate initial raw file, a message box appears. Click OK to proceed with creating the file. Click Cancel to select a different list of columns on the Columns page.

Set options on the Columns tab

Available Input Columns
Select one or more input columns to write to the raw file.

Input Column
An input column is automatically added to this table when you select it under Available Input Columns, or you can select the input column directly in this table.

Output Alias
Specify an alternate name to use for the output column.

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