Apply Data Quality Rules to Data Source

You can use Data Quality Services (DQS) to correct data in the package data flow by connecting the DQS Cleansing transformation to the data source. For more information about DQS, see Data Quality Services Concepts. For more information about the transformation, see DQS Cleansing Transformation.

When you process data with the DQS Cleansing transformation, a data quality project is created on the Data Quality Server. You use the Data Quality Client to manage the project. For more information, see Open, Unlock, Rename, and Delete a Data Quality Project.

To correct data in the data flow

  1. Create a package.

  2. Add and configure the DQS Cleansing transformation. For more information, see DQS Cleansing Transformation Editor Dialog Box.

  3. Connect the DQS Cleansing transformation to a data source.