Script Transformation Editor (Script Page)

Use the Script tab of the Script Transformation Editor dialog box to specify a script and related properties.

To learn more about the Script component, see Script Component and Configuring the Script Component in the Script Component Editor. To learn about programming the Script component, see Extending the Data Flow with the Script Component.


View and modify the properties of the Script transformation. Many of the properties displayed are read-only. You can modify the following properties:

Value Description
Description Describe the script transformation in terms of its purpose.
LocaleID Specify the locale to provide region-specific information for ordering, and for date and time conversion.
Name Type a descriptive name for the component.
ValidateExternalMetadata Indicate whether the Script transformation validates column metadata against external data sources at design time. A value of false delays validation until the time of execution.
ReadOnlyVariables Type a comma-separated list of variables for read-only access by the Script transformation.

Note: Variable names are case-sensitive.
ReadWriteVariables Type a comma-separated list of variables for read/write access by the Script transformation.

Note: Variable names are case-sensitive.
ScriptLanguage Select the script language to be used by the Script component.

To set the default script language for Script components and Script tasks, use the Scripting language option on the General page of the Options dialog box.
UserComponentTypeName Specifies the ScriptComponentHost class and the Microsoft.SqlServer.TxScript assembly that support the SQL Server infrastructure.

Edit Script
Use Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) to create or modify a script.

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