Select a Dimension Table and Keys (Slowly Changing Dimension Wizard)

Use the Select a Dimension Table and Keys page to select a dimension table to load. Map columns from the data flow to the columns that will be loaded.

To learn more about this wizard, see Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation.


Connection manager
Select an existing OLE DB connection manager from the list, or click New to create an OLE DB connection manager.


The Slowly Changing Dimension Wizard only supports OLE DB connection managers, and only supports connections to SQL Server.

Use the Configure OLE DB Connection Manager dialog box to select an existing connection manager, or click New to create a new OLE DB connection.

Table or View
Select a table or view from the list.

Input Columns
Select from the list of input columns for which you may specify mapping.

Dimension Columns
View all available dimension columns.

Key Type
Select one of the dimension columns to be the business key. You must have one business key.

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