Sort Transformation Editor

Use the Sort Transformation Editor dialog box to select the columns to sort, set the sort order, and specify whether duplicates are removed.

To learn more about the Sort transformation, see Sort Transformation.


Available Input Columns
Using the check boxes, specify the columns to sort.

View the name of each available input column.

Indicate whether to include the column in the sorted output.

Input Column
Select from the list of available input columns for each row. Your selections are reflected in the check box selections in the Available Input Columns table.

Output Alias
Type an alias for each output column. The default is the name of the input column; however, you can choose any unique, descriptive name.

Sort Type
Indicate whether to sort in ascending or descending order.

Sort Order
Indicate the order in which to sort columns. This must be set manually for each column.

Comparison Flags
For information about the string comparison options, see Comparing String Data.

Remove rows with duplicate sort values
Indicate whether the transformation copies duplicate rows to the transformation output, or creates a single entry for all duplicates, based on the specified string comparison options.

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